Does a car radio need the earth to work?

Answer Radio waves can be made independent of the earth. Therefore, if a theoretical space station started broadcasting at a frequency a car radio could receive, a car in space would be able to pick up th... Read More »

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Streaming radio from my mobile at work mainly I listen to BBC radio 1 using the app Tunein (android).?

I've been doing this for a while far so good!

My google earth does not work what should i do?

Upload a new one'' mind you there pretty heavy. ha'?

Has earth benifited from NASA's work?

NASA, America's space agency, is interested in extreme environments and how humans cope in them. Here are a few items that NASA has studied in Antarctica: Hydroponic gardeningHumans in isolationMar... Read More »

How to get plane to work in google earth?

Here is all the information to access the Plane" flight simulator) which is a hidden easter egg in the new Google Earth including all the keyboard controls.…