Does a car battery drain when it is on concrete?

Answer According to Interstate Batteries, a car battery will not lose electricity any faster on concrete than on any other surface. An unused car battery will slowly discharge no matter where it sitsSour... Read More »

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How much do I slope concrete to the floor drain?

The proper slope is 1/16 of an inch every two feet toward the drain. This allows for ample drainage and no puddling but cannot be detected by the eye when walking on or looking at the floor.Source:... Read More »

How to Unclog a Concrete Shower Drain?

As with any other type of shower drain, a concrete drain can become clogged from time to time when dirt, hair and other elements wash through the drain and become stuck. Once you have a clog, other... Read More »

How do you change a toilet drain in a concrete slab?

Change how? Move the location, you bust out the concrete and move it. Replace or repair the flange that the toilet hooks to. Cut the existing flange off flush with the floor and install a new repai... Read More »

How to Connect Drain Pipes to a Concrete Block?

To prevent pipe rattle, anchor the pipes to walls to prevent them from moving as water passes through. Anchoring a drainpipe to a concrete block wall requires using concrete anchors combined with p... Read More »