Does a camcorder show how we look like or a mirror does?

Answer I would look at the camera, as you watch a mirror in real time rather than looking back on it you get a more detached view. very much like hearing your own voice, it never sounds like you think you... Read More »

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What children's TV show of the 1970's had a Magic Mirror?

Why won't the video I transferred from my Panasonic HDC-TM80 camcorder show up on the SD card?

the camcorders i am familiar with put the video in a "hidden" folder. so you won't see it with the Windows File Manager unless you instruct it to show hidden folders. Also most manufacturers suppl... Read More »

Looking for a good camcorder to show " distinctly" programming tutorials on Youtube?

Camcorders can range from $80 to $80,000. Consumer cams alone top out at around $2,500.If one in the $1,000 range is in your budget then something in the Canon HF S series.If we add lights, tripod,... Read More »

I am using Sony camcorder for 3 years. The old tapes now show lots of horizontal blank stripes. any solution?

Nothing is forever.I assume that you are playing the tapes back on the same camcorder?If so, have you had those tape heads cleaned?That would be the first step.If you have an external playback deck... Read More »