Does a buyer have to disclose a bankruptcy?

Answer A buyer applying for a loan will need to disclose a bankruptcy to the lender, but not to the seller or seller's agent, if real estate is involved. The bankruptcy will show up on a credit report. Yo... Read More »

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Does a realtor in Florida have to disclose that a buyer is a relative?

Florida Statutes, Chapter 475, sections 475.001-475.5018 reaffirm the duties imposed by the Code of Ethics of the National Association of Realtors by providing that Realtors must fully disclose in ... Read More »

Do both the buyer and co-buyer have to be on same insurance policy even if one never drives the car?

AnswerAs the co-signer has a financial interest in the property, meaning if something happens to the vehicle he can be made to pay "All" the bills, Then he should certainly be insured on the policy... Read More »

How to Disclose a Secret to Someone?

Do you keep any secrets that must be disclosed? Then read on and hopefully you'll be able to tell the secrets to anyone without feeling awkward.

What does a notice to disclose mean?

A notice to disclose is a legal document used in family law, most commonly in divorce settlements. Its purpose is to state what details of an individual's financial information must be made availab... Read More »