Does a butterfly have three main body parts?

Answer A butterfly has three main body parts---the head, the thorax (the chest) and the abdomen (the tail end). It also has six legs, a pair of antennae, an exoskeleton and eyes. A butterfly's wings and l... Read More »

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How many main body parts does a butterfly have?

Butterflies have three main body parts. They are the head, the thorax (the mid-section) and the abdomen (the tail end). They also have six legs, two antennae and an exoskeleton.Source:Butterfly Inf... Read More »

What Are the Four Main Body Parts of a Mollusk?

For creatures that seem rather tiny in size, mollusks have a rather large importance in the ecosystem and for humans. Served as food by humans and used as decorations, mollusks have long been a par... Read More »

Parts of a Butterfly for Kids?

Butterflies are amazing creatures, beginning as caterpillars before transforming into the winged beauties that can be found in back yards and gardens around the world. The body parts of a butterfly... Read More »

What body parts were destoyed in Steve Austin's body in the six million dollar man?

Depends whether you mean the TV show or the original action novel series it's based on. In the TV show it was his left eye, right arm, and both legs. In the novels it was Austin's LEFT arm that was... Read More »