Does a broken bone in the foot require a trip to the Emergency Room or Doctor?

Answer i would take her into an urgent care or emergency room just based off of the fact that it is cold and pale at the site of injury-this indicates that bloodflow to that particular area is not getting... Read More »

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How to Deal With a Broken Bone Emergency?

After calling 911 and before emergency responders arrive on the scene, there may be some steps you can take in the event of a broken bone.

POLL: Have you ever broken a bone in your foot ?

Yes, I broke my big toe playing volleyball at the beach! lol. Don't ask, I have no idea how it happened!

If my foot is still really bruised does that mean the broken bone isnt healing?

Swelling and bruising are actually part of the healing process. But it does depend on how long ago the injury occurred. If its within the.last 2-3weeks it would likely continue to bruise.http://www... Read More »

Can you fix a broken toe should I go to the emergency room?

you can't cast a toe so I would tape it to the next to and try to stay off of it until you can bear weight on it. if you go to the hospital then they will put you in the waiting room for FOREVER b... Read More »