Does a bottle of olive oil need to be refrigerated after opening?

Answer no need of that :))

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Are there any vegan milks that do not need refrigerated after opening?

Powdered soy is the best I can think of as well. We have a baggy of it in our cupboard, been there for awhile. When I run out of soy milk and need a quick fix for cereals thats what I use. Its not ... Read More »

Does cane syrup have to be refrigerated after opening?

Refrigerating cane syrup after opening keeps the flavor longer and prevents mold growth. If the syrup develops crystals, place it in warm water until the crystals go into solution. Do not allow the... Read More »

Should red wine be refrigerated after opening?

While an old red wine (20 to 50 years of age) may not last until the next day once you open the bottle, according to master sommelier Angelo Tavernaro, you should refrigerate a younger wine to prol... Read More »

Is it necessary to refrigerate olive oil after opening?

Olive oil does not have to be refrigerated after opening. In fact, refrigeration can have a negative affect on the oil, as condensation may develop in the container and mix with the oil, taking awa... Read More »