Does a blueray disk work in a DVD player?

Answer Sadly No, you need to either buy a blu ray player or you could try using your PC or PS3 to play blu ray. for PC u will have to download cyberlink powerdvd.

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Ok i got a 3D HD Blueray player (ht-e45000) but now I can't change the Blueray Speaker volume by. Look Below↓?

what is a ht-e45000 and its BLU-RAY not blueray

How to Burn a Disk That Will Work on Any MP3 Player?

Many standalone CD players, although compatible with MP3 files, might not play certain types of discs. Some CD players will not play a rewritable disc, or CD-RW. Instead, they will only play CD-R. ... Read More »

What is different about Blu-ray than regular DVD and why didn't a blu-ray disk work in my DVD player?

Blu-ray doesn't work in a regular (old) DVD player because the information on the disk must be read by a new type of laser. I haven't done side-by-side tests, but a DVD is pretty sharp to me and I ... Read More »

BlueRay or HD DVD Player Which should I get?

do a quick search on google news enter "HD-DVD" and you will quickly figure that question out for yourself, there are thousands of news stories over the last 3 or 4 days announcing that HD-DVD is ... Read More »