Does a black scab and a bruise-like discoloration mean tetanus?

Answer Tetanus has absolutely nothing to do with ur colour of scab. Hell, tetanus will cause systemic specific local injury point symptom at all. U should get an tetanus toxoid vaccine immedi... Read More »

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How long does the discoloration from a bone bruise last?

Bone bruises, also known as periosteal bruises, are the most severe type of bruise. Bone bruises involve swelling, pain and discoloration. The discoloration caused by a bone bruise can last for mon... Read More »

What kind of spider bite has a black scab and a red ring and what do you do about it?

brown recluce - you need medical -

LG Sentio GS505 has black pixel discoloration on screen! Annoying! How can I fix?

what you could be seeing is either a stuck pixel, a hot pixel, or a dead pixel. usually you can fix either by looking for software online that tests your screen by rapidly flashing different light ... Read More »

What causes a bruise to be black and blue It seems like they should be red?

A bruise is also called a contusion (say: kun-too-zhun), and it forms because the soft tissues of your body have been bumped. Some people bruise easily, whereas others may have tougher skin tissue.... Read More »