Does a birch tree lose its leaves in winter?

Answer Yes.

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Yellow Leaves on a Birch Tree?

Yellow leaves on a birch tree are signs of iron deficiency in the soil and is known as "chlorosis." Iron is needed to produce chlorophyll that creates the green color in leaves. Depending on the se... Read More »

What Bugs Eat Birch Tree Leaves?

Several species of insects feed on birch tree leaves in the spring months of every year. The damage these insects can cause ranges from minor aesthetic browning or yellowing of leaves to severe inf... Read More »

Why Do Birch Tree Leaves Turn Yellow?

Birch trees are popular trees across the United States. Their welcome shade and attractive pale bark add beauty and value to homes and landscapes. But yellowing, sickly leaves are far from attracti... Read More »

Do dogwood trees lose their leaves in the winter?

Dogwood trees are a deciduous species, which means they will lose their leaves in the fall before winter arrives. The dogwood trees of North America include the flowering dogwood and the red-osier ... Read More »