Does a bigger flower last longer?

Answer No they don't because they would need more water so if you don't around to watering them the will die faster.

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Why will sugar help a flower last longer?

Sugar may be beneficial for some flowers. Adding sugar, along with other ingredients, to a vase of fresh-cut flowers can help prolong freshness and maintain color and suppleness.Plant Sugar Content... Read More »

Does plasma last longer than LCD?

According to Consumer Reports, there isn't any measurable difference between the lifespans of LCD and plasma televisions. Either type of television with average use under normal conditions should l... Read More »

Does bread last longer in the fridge or outside?

Under proper storage conditions, bread lasts longer when it's stored outside of the refrigerator. Storing it in the refrigerator actually dries it out faster. For best results, store bread in an ai... Read More »

Why does yogurt last longer than milk?

Yogurt is a naturally fermented milk product with a tangy flavor and a thick pudding-like consistency. The name yogurt is derived from the Turkish word "yoghurmak," which means to thicken, accordin... Read More »