Does a big screen tv use more electricity than a small screen tv?

Answer A large television screen will use more power than a small one although the difference isn't great. A television uses power to process the incoming signals and prepare them to be sent to the displa... Read More »

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Does an HD flat screen TV pull more electricity than the older styles?

I believe they actually use less energy than the old CRT (picture tube) models, but I am not an expert. If you have the manual, it should list in the specs the input wattage; the higher the wattage... Read More »

Does a large burner on the stove use more electricity than a small burner?

Yes, a large burner uses more electricity than a small burner on an electric stove. The more coils are heated, the more heat, and therefore electricity, will be used. If you're trying to save elect... Read More »

I was on my computer and suddenly the information on the screen got larger than my screen.. what did I do and ?

Can you have more than one image on your screen with Skype?

At this time, Skype sessions are limited to one image at a time, whether it is via your computer or your TV. You can share your screen during a Skype session. You can send text messages or video d... Read More »