Does a beer expert really need to copy and paste answers like I do?

Answer If you do I am sure it is because you have the ability to find and present answers in a concise and coherent manner. I think that you feel it saves you time and that you are good enough to leave th... Read More »

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Wikipedia why do so may people in answers copy and paste?

Because they're lazy, and have no capacity to answer the question directly. In some cases, the question isn't even answered at all. Even worse is when they don't quote Wikipedia as the source, even... Read More »

Do you appreciate when people copy and paste answers in the Camera section?

If the copy-paste answers answer the original questions, what's the problem?There are only so many ways to answer the same question. If a person isn't able to spend a minute to preform a simple sea... Read More »

Is there a site where you can copy and paste fonts like write in what you want and then copy it? can't just copy and paste it though. You either need to save it as a picture or download the font. Assuming you have Windows, you would download ... Read More »

What are screen dots in digital cameras Only expert answers please.?

Calculating PPI of camera screensCamera manufacturers often quote camera screens in 'number of dots'. This is not the same as the number of pixels, because there are 3 'dots' per pixel – red, gre... Read More »