Does a bee sting contain acid or alkoli?

Answer acid.....but i could be wrong if you have the bee Poisson you could do a pH test with litmus paper or some thing hope that helped but next time listen to your teacher

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Does borax contain boric acid?

The chemical name of borax is sodium tetraborate decahydrate (Naâ‚‚Bâ‚„O₇*10Hâ‚‚O), whereas boric acid is represented by the formula H₃BO₃. Although borax may be converted to boric acid by re... Read More »

How much citric acid does vinegar contain?

The primary acid that forms the basis for vinegar is acetic acid, not citric acid. While some fruit-based vinegars, such as apple cider vinegar or wine vinegar, may contain trace amounts of citric ... Read More »

Does Apple Juice Contain Malic Acid?

Apples contain malic acid in levels that vary, depending on factors like the time of year, the variety of apple and the growing conditions. Malic acid is what gives apple juice its flavor and acidi... Read More »

How much citric acid does pineapple juice contain?

Citric acid makes up 87 percent of the acid content of pineapple juice, according to research conducted by Harvey T. Chan Jr., Eduardo Chenchin and Paul Vonnahme, and published in the Journal of Ag... Read More »