Does a bank set up a home appraisal?

Answer When you want to buy or refinance a house, the bank or mortgage company that your home loan is with will have the house appraised. You will be charged for the appraisal, and you will only get a cop... Read More »

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How to Get a Home Appraisal Versus a Tax Appraisal?

Every property has a tax appraised value. The city or county sets this value and uses that number to determine how much the property taxes for that house will be. The city appraiser doesn't go in t... Read More »

How much does a home appraisal cost?

In 2009, a home appraisal cost between $150 to $400. According to an article on, the appraisal fee for a $250,000 house ran between $250 and $350. The rate varies based upon the com... Read More »

Does the home appraisal take place during the inspection period?

No, the appraisal usually takes place after the inspection; right before final loan approval and closing. Inspections are done on behalf of the buyer once an offer has been made to make sure the ho... Read More »

How do I prepare for home appraisal?

Offer Appraiser Comparable Sales DataBe prepared to give the appraiser current information about recent sales of homes that are similar to and located near your home. If you don't have these "comps... Read More »