Does a bank have to publish its interest rates?

Answer There is no federal regulation requiring a bank to disclose its interest rates. The only requirement under present laws is that banks use "plain language" to describe their financial products.Refer... Read More »

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When does the Bank of England set interest rates?

The Bank of England set interest rates once a month. This happens on the first Thursday of the month, and the results are announced the following day at 12 noon. The date of each meeting to discuss... Read More »

When do bank interest rates change?

There is no set time when bank interest rates change. It is a function of several factors, such as the overnight federal lending rate and the state of the economy. However, one of the most importan... Read More »

Does the Federal Reserve bank control the interest rates?

The Federal Reserve does not control all interest rates. The Federal Reserve only directly controls the federal fund rate. The Federal Reserve has no direct control over mortgage rates, corporate b... Read More »

With interest rates up by Reserve Bank of India, will this affect your plans to buy a house?

Yes certainly.Only Middle Class society is most affected.From March 2010, till date 12 times RBI has increased interest rates for housing loan. It was around 8.75% in March 2010 and now it is aroun... Read More »