Does a bank have to accept a mortgage?

Answer A bank does not have to accept your application for a mortgage. Banks have their own process for determining whether you are a creditworthy borrower, which includes looking at your credit score, em... Read More »

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Does private mortgage insurance vary from bank to bank?

The amount a borrower will have to pay for private mortgage insurance varies from bank to bank. Most often, the amount of the payment is between 0.5 percent and 1 percent of the total amount of the... Read More »

Can a Bank Require Mortgage Insurance on a VA Mortgage?

Private mortgage insurance is a type of insurance product that most homeowners are forced to purchase in order to protect their lender. This insurance coverage is required in case the borrower goes... Read More »

Will a bank accept a torn check?

If you have a torn check, go to your bank and see if they will accept it. Bank policies differ, and if your bank doesn't accept the check, try the bank that the check is drawn on. If there is still... Read More »

How to Accept Certified Bank Checks for Cars?

A certified bank check is a personal or business check stamped by the bank as "certified," signifying that the signature is real and that the money is guaranteed. Certified bank checks can be fraud... Read More »