Does a ball in an airstream spin backwards?

Answer A ball that is introduced into an airstream will spin in the opposite direction of the force of the air. This action is described best by Bernoulli's Equation, which is a mathematical formula that ... Read More »

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How to Spin a Pencil Backwards Around Your Thumb?

Separate yourself from the masses by moving to the next level of pencil spinning.The actual name of this is the thumbaround reverse

How to Spin a Bowling Ball?

Have you ever tried to spin a bowling ball down the alley, but just can't do it? This is the way that I make my ball spin. Remember, this might not work for everybody.

How to Spin a Golf Ball?

Back spin on a golf ball causes the golf ball to spin backwards as it travels away from the person who hit the ball. Hitting a golf ball with a back spin will allow the golf ball to travel a great ... Read More »

How to Put a Spin on the Ball in Tennis for the Wii?

"Wii Tennis" is a game that comes packaged on "Wii Sports," which is included with every Nintendo Wii. "Wii Tennis" looks like a basic tennis game, but the competition from the computer becomes inc... Read More »