Does a backup in itunes save your game records?

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Does DS Flash Focus save game information on a game cartridge?

Flash Focus, along with every Nintendo DS game, saves all game information on the game cartridge. The Nintendo DS was not built with any internal memory storage unit to save external or permanent d... Read More »

How do you backup an iPad 2 on itunes?

Go to a coffee shop or restaurant with free Wi-Fi internet.

Can I put an iTunes backup CD on any computer?

On One Hand: Files Are Protected.No you cannot put an iTunes backup CD on another computer with the assumption that you want to play the song files transferred from that CD. The reason you cannot p... Read More »

How Do I Restore iTunes From a Backup?

Restore from iTunes Created Backup DiscLaunch iTunes and then insert the backup disc. The program will automatically identify the disc as an iTunes backup disc and provide options for restoring you... Read More »