Does a baby in the womb pass stools through to the mother to get rid of?

Answer When my wife was pregnant, I learned that in a normal pregnancy, the baby does not have a bowel movement while in the womb, but they do urinate while in the womb.

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Can you tell if the baby is autistic before it was born. ie. While the baby is still in the mother's womb?

No, this shows in the child's behavior when the child is a bit older.

What causes the baby to die inside the mother's womb?

How does a baby get oxygen from the mother when its in her womb?

The baby receives oxygen from the red blood cells which are carried through the placenta from the mother to the child. The un-oxygenated blood cells then return to the mother where they go back to ... Read More »

Can a mother's intelligence affect a baby in her womb?

No, a mother's intelligence will not affect a baby in her womb. Unless the mother is uneducated in childbearing and does not know that drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, and certain foods can severely dam... Read More »