Does a baby have nightmares?

Answer Yes babys do have nightmares so do adults its a natural thing for human biengs

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How does a newborn baby have nightmares?

Newborn babies can be bothered by many things, such as by gas in their gastro-intestinal tract, or by diaper rash, or by hunger, but they do not have nightmares. Nightmares require ideas, and that ... Read More »

Does your older baby ever have nightmares?

What your son experienced was a night terror. That is different from a nightmare. I literally JUST read about it because my daughter JUST had a nightmare last night. Read More »

What causes nightmares?

Hello scrosie,No one knows for sure why we have nightmares, but often the content of nightmares is related to the stress in our waking lives, such as troubles at work or changes on the job, or prob... Read More »

How to Avoid Getting Nightmares?

Nightmares - I think we've all got them from time to time. But there are things we can do to avoid getting them. My article will discuss the nightmare and how to prevent getting them.