Does a baby have a heartbeat at 5 weeks 3 days pregnancy?

Answer Answer Yes according to this website it does week five, your baby is 1/17 of an inch long - about the size of the tip of a pen.This week, you... Read More »

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Is it normal to have some spotting and not be able to see the heartbeat at six weeks and four days pregnant?

Answer some vaginal bleeding is normal...they cant always see the heartbeat that early in a pregnancy...i would call my doctor and ask any questions you have... it just may be to early for them to... Read More »

If you are three weeks pregnant with twins but the doctor saw only one heartbeat on the ultrasound and your hcg was 3045 will the other baby develop a heartbeat eventually?

Answer Three weeks pregnant is a week before you miss a period so it is impossible to know it is twins. If you are three weeks after conception, (5 weeks pregnant)it is still early to see a heart... Read More »

I am 37 weeks 2 days pregnant 80 percent effaced a good 2 cm dilated my doctor says I'll have the baby in less than 10 days but how soon do you think it could be?

Here is my timeline if it helps.I'm 37 weeks 2 days also and my ob said at my last appointment 4 days ago that I'm 80% effaced and dilated to a 'loose 3cm'.At my appointment 7 days before that I wa... Read More »

You have dropped im only 31 weeks in to your pregnancy can you have baby early?

18 months if you are already a registered nurse or 3 years direct entry.