Does a baby born in 8 months die?

Answer Usually no. Modern medicine is pretty advanced when it comes to preemies.

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Can a baby be born in 5 months?

There is no way to accurately predict when you will have your baby

A baby was born 8 months and i might be the father how can i be sure ?

Pal, if the DNA was positive for you, you're the father and are just in denial. Time for you to step up to the plate, be a man, and take care of your responsibilities. Not "looking like you" is the... Read More »

What is a baby born before completing nine months in the womb called?

A baby who is born, either naturally or by caesarian, before completing nine months in the womb is called a premature baby. The process is known as a premature birth. Premature births are quite da... Read More »

Your baby girl is 13 months old and was born with a head size of 34.5 cm it is now only 43 cm your doctor is concerned what can this mean?

Head circumference has to be correlated with body weight. If the two do not correspond on a centile chart then we need to consider microcephaly. The development of the child needs to be taken into ... Read More »