Does a White Roof Reflect Heat?

Answer The color white has long been known to reflect heat and light. There is an increasing interest in using this phenomenon in association with roofing materials as a way to reduce heating costs in bui... Read More »

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Does a dark metal roof absorb more heat than white?

Black or dark surfaces absorb more sunlight than lighter-colored surfaces. As a result, the dark-colored roofs are hotter than light-colored roofs. White roofs actually reflect the light, which is ... Read More »

Why does the color black absorb and white reflect the sun?

Objects have different colors dependent upon the visible spectrum, and how much light is reflected and absorbed. Black objects absorb all colors of light, reflecting very little. White objects, con... Read More »

Why are solar covers for pools blue shiny and smooth if the idea is to absorb the heat not reflect it?

The solar blanket is designed to retain thermal energy not to collect it. Covering the pool at night will help trap heat gain. I'm sure the colour is not important other than for looks. The air in... Read More »

How to Plug In Roof Heat Tape?

Roof heat tape, also commonly called electrical de-icing cables, is heated by electricity and used to melt ice. When winter arrives, ice and snow build up on roofs, gutters and water pipes. Damage ... Read More »