Does a United States credit card work in China?

Answer Most major United States credit cards can be used in China to make purchases, although there may be an international processing fee for the transaction. Paying with a credit card could be a problem... Read More »

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The Average Credit-Card Debt in the United States?

A murky economic picture is contributing to a downward trend in average consumer credit-card debt. Several factors are behind this change. Unfortunately, the causes are not indicative of an improve... Read More »

Overview of healthcare in United States and China?

When you open this page you can find (on the right) a massive selection of files regarding chinese healtcare:…Here is another good amount of info regarding... Read More »

How to Send Money From China to the United States?

Sending money from one country to another used to be a hassle and would take a long time. With today's modern technologies and advanced financial systems, individuals can quickly and easily transfe... Read More »

How much steel does the United States export to China each year?

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, steel manufacturers in the United States exported $775.5 million in iron and steel ingots, bars, plates and finished products to China in 2009. This was less th... Read More »