Does a Site Malfunction Due to Coding Errors?

Answer Websites often malfunction because of coding errors. Coding errors occur due to mistypes or omissions. They also occur when website developers fail to take into account the differences between brow... Read More »

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Is it possible to make a great site with just coding?

Yes it is, in fact I do all my coding in old school Notepad. In fact you can do everything in Dreamweaver and more when you are doing the coding. The main basic languages I recommend are:HTML(HTML5... Read More »

Is there a site that discusses NASA engineering errors?

NASA is research organization which provides informationn about space

Does anyone know where I can find an externship site for medical billing & coding in chicago illinois on the s?… is a place that might help you.

My website hosting dns server is showing some errors.i verified it through dns check.will it effect my site?

Dead or unreachable pages will absolutely effect your search engine ranking. You do not want an unreliable host if you are making your living online. I went through a few (many actually) before ... Read More »