Does a Sink Need to Match the Toilet?

Answer Whether you're building a bathroom from the ground up or renovating an existing bathroom, it's important to create a theme in the space that reflects your style preferences. While most traditional ... Read More »

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Do I need a permit to replace a sink or a toilet?

On One Hand: Probably Not RequiredMany municipalities allow homeowners to repair, replace and maintain fixtures in their homes without obtaining a professional license or building permit. There is ... Read More »

Why does my toilet fill up when I use the bathroom sink?

try a little vinegar and baking soda in the drains allow to bubble then follow with boiling water or get a plunger and plunge the sink drain you have a build up of hair in the pipes take a plunger... Read More »

In an ADA bathroom, how far away from the toilet does the sink have to be?

For ADA-compliant bathrooms, the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that a sink not impede the turning area for wheelchairs, which is a 60-inch radius or a T-shaped turning area with 36... Read More »

Does tape across a sink/toilet mean something specific?

The blue tape means that the house has been winterized. The pipes have been drained and the hot water heater.