Does a Seller Have to Comply With Repairs From a Home Inspection?

Answer An important part of any home sale is the inspection process. A professional inspection protects the buyer by highlighting unseen defects that could cost money to repair down the road. If an inspec... Read More »

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Is it illegal to make home repairs without the home owner's permission?

AnswerIt is not illegal, just ill advised if it is substantial work. The problem is that your definition of substantial will likely be at odds with the landlord's.You have to use good judgment and ... Read More »

I've done a lot of home repairs, but now where can I find the materials for home-wrecking?

Your local mall should have everything you need: 1 patent leather bustier (Victoria's Secret?)25 quarts of 30W motor oil (Target automotive)1 Clawfoot replica bathtub (Furniture store)1 Herb Alper... Read More »

When refinancing a home will they ask you to make repairs on the home?

not usually...if they require an appraisal for the new loanthey will come out and appraise the home and they will value it as it is

How to Make Counteroffers to the Home Seller?

Pricing negotiation process begins, when the seller lists the house on the market. A buyer observes the details, and makes an offer to the seller, along with a deadline for response. There are hard... Read More »