Does a Samsung Hue have a SIM card?

Answer On One Hand: CDMA-Based PhoneThe Samsung Hue is an Alltell branded phone that runs on a CDMA-based network and is operated through the phone's electronic serial number (ESN).On the Other: SIM Cards... Read More »

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Does the Samsung galaxy s4 have a sd card port?

it has a microSD card slot, and will take up to a 64gb card.

Does the Samsung L100 come with a memory card?

The Samsung L100 digital camera is not sold with a memory card included. However, the camera does come with a built-in memory of 10 MB and compatible memory cards can be purchased from the same ret... Read More »

Does a SIM card come with the Samsung t429 prepaid?

All wireless carriers operating on the GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) network use SIM cards, which tie a cell phone to a provider network. T-Mobile, which uses GSM technology, issues ... Read More »

Does an iPhone have a sim card or battery card?

the iphone has a sim card which slots in the top of the iphone. to get the sim card tray out you have to use a pin or the special tool it came with to open it.