Does a SIM card come with the Samsung t429 prepaid?

Answer All wireless carriers operating on the GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) network use SIM cards, which tie a cell phone to a provider network. T-Mobile, which uses GSM technology, issues ... Read More »

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Does the Samsung L100 come with a memory card?

The Samsung L100 digital camera is not sold with a memory card included. However, the camera does come with a built-in memory of 10 MB and compatible memory cards can be purchased from the same ret... Read More »

Will a T-Mobile prepaid SIM card work in a Samsung Gravity?

According to the official Samsung website, the Samsung Gravity is designed for use on the T-Mobile network. The T-Mobile website explains that users may place a prepaid SIM card in any T-Mobile-com... Read More »

Will a T-mobile prepaid SIM card work in a Samsung Blackjack?

You can use a T-Mobile prepaid SIM card in a Samsung Blackjack if the phone has been unlocked. Both T-Mobile and AT&T run on a GSM network, which will allow phones to transfer SIMs if the phone has... Read More »

Does Samsung 3D TV come with 3D glasses?

Most 3D televisions are supplied with glasses. If they aren't part of the package, ask the dealer to include them. There is a lot of competition for 3D television so manufacturers and dealers shoul... Read More »