Does a Plumeria Like to Be in the Sun?

Answer Known by many names, including frangipani, the Hawaiian word melia, and Temple tree, the plumeria is native to tropical America. These sun-loving trees do not tolerate cold temperatures. They are g... Read More »

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What does the plumeria flower represent?

The plumeria stands for many things, depending on which culture you ask. Hawaiians feel that it stands for perfection or flawlessness; the Chinese feel it symbolizes love; to the Hindus it means de... Read More »

What does the Hawaiian pink plumeria represent?

In the Hawaiian Islands, all colors of the Plumeria flower, including pink, symbolically represent "perfection" and the joining together of things that are good. It is often used to signify the sea... Read More »

How to Cut an Allison Plumeria?

Allison plumeria is a hybrid cultivar of plumeria with vibrant peachy-pink flowers. As with all plumeria, Allison only needs pruning for aesthetic reasons -- to cut it down to size, fill out its gr... Read More »

Care of the Red Plumeria?

The University of Hawaii describes 40 plumeria cultivars in its 2005 document, "Plumeria in Hawaii." Of these, three varieties have red flowers: "Cerise," "Scott Pratt" and "Hilo Beauty." Care of a... Read More »