Does a Plumeria Like to Be in the Sun?

Answer Known by many names, including frangipani, the Hawaiian word melia, and Temple tree, the plumeria is native to tropical America. These sun-loving trees do not tolerate cold temperatures. They are g... Read More »

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How to Pollinate a Plumeria?

Plumeria flowers are asexual plants, which means that each flower contains both male and female parts. After the flower blooms fall off, insects, moths and hummingbirds pollinate the stems by shaki... Read More »

Care of the Red Plumeria?

The University of Hawaii describes 40 plumeria cultivars in its 2005 document, "Plumeria in Hawaii." Of these, three varieties have red flowers: "Cerise," "Scott Pratt" and "Hilo Beauty." Care of a... Read More »

Different Plumeria Flowers?

Plumeria, also commonly referred to as frangipani, was named after French botanist Charles Plumier. Plumeria flowers come in a variety of sizes ranging from one and one-half inch to five inches in ... Read More »

How to Grow a Plumeria?

A plumeria is a fast-growing tropical tree that produces masses of fragrant blooms between March and October. A small tree, the plumeria reaches heights of about 30 feet at maturity. Also known as ... Read More »