Does a Plant Need Some Darkness to Grow?

Answer Plants require specific conditions for proper growth and development, including soil with the correct nutrients, adequate water, proper temperatures and varying amounts of sunlight. Many plants con... Read More »

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Will a plant grow better in sunlight or darkness?

Plants will grow better in the sunlight rather than darkness, according to University of Illinois Extension. The majority of plants only require sufficient room, light, water and air for proper gro... Read More »

The Effects of Light & Darkness on Plant Growth?

Plant photosynthesis processes rely on an interplay of light and dark reactions in order to produce the materials needed for growth. The effects of light enable plants to convert the energy contain... Read More »

Why does fungus grow faster in the darkness?

Fungus grows faster in the darkness because fungus thrives in darkness, poor aeration and growing conditions which can do harm to the plant. Pathogens are organisms or viruses that possibly can cau... Read More »

House Plants That Grow in Semi-Darkness?

If you're looking for an attractive live plant to spruce up a dark corner of your home, you need to select a plant that can grow in semi-darkness. Not all plants can thrive in low-light conditions-... Read More »