Does a PCB board have holes?

Answer A PCB (printed circuit board) has holes, called vias (vertical interconnect access), to allow electrical connectivity to the two sides of the PCB. Automatic drilling machines, using tungsten drill ... Read More »

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When recruitment fails and the Board does not have the minimum number of members required per bylaws can the Board function and take actions?

Generally, your governing documents will state the minimum number of board members, and may also indicate that existing board members continue to serve on the board after the expiry of their term, ... Read More »

My eye doctor told me I have a stigmata. Does that mean my eyes are going to have bloody holes in them?

May Padre Pio bless you my son.…Edit: You are forgiven my son. ;-)

How to Drill Holes in a Concrete Backer Board?

Concrete backer board is a material used for the substrate in ceramic tile and stone applications. It provides a solid substrate for setting tile or stone. Because cement backer board is comprised ... Read More »

How many holes are there in a cribbage board?

On a complete trip up and down a traditional cribbage board, a single player's peg must pass 60 holes. For a two-player cribbage board, there are two sets of 60 holes and two final holes for the wi... Read More »