Does a Noisy Fuel Pump Mean It's Bad?

Answer Fuel pumps make a quiet whirring noise in the course of their proper operation. This noise is commonly drowned out by the running engine, but can usually be heard very briefly when the key is firs... Read More »

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How to Replace a Mechanical Fuel Pump With an Electrical Fuel Pump?

The choice between a mechanical or electrical fuel pump is more of a personal preference than a choice between a pump that is better than another. But one thing is true: If you have a high performa... Read More »

How to Remove the Belts for a Noisy New Water Pump?

If you hear a noise that you believe is related to your new water pump, make sure the noise isn't caused by the belt tensioner pulley. Because these object are located in such close proximity to ea... Read More »

How to Switch My Evinrude 90 HP VRO Fuel Pump S to a Regular Fuel Pump?

Evinrude outboard motors with the VRO2 system don't require you to mix oil with the fuel. Instead, the oil is metered, as required, into the fuel the 2-stroke engine burns; hence the name "variable... Read More »

How Does a Fuel Pump Operate?

On October 12, 2006, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and DaimlerChrysler announced a fuel pump recall for 39,243 vehicles, including Dodge Cirrus and Stratus models manuf... Read More »