Does a Nintendo DSi have a Gameboy slot?

Answer Although previous iterations of the handheld system, such as the original Nintendo DS and DS Lite, had a slot for Gameboy Advance games, the Nintendo DSi does not have the slot because of its slimm... Read More »

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Does the Nintendo DS Lite have a MicroSD slot?

The Nintendo DS Lite does not have a MicroSD card slot. Third-party adapters are sold that allow the use of MicroSD cards, however. The newer Nintendo DSi does have a media card slot, which support... Read More »

Does the Nintendo DS take Gameboy Advanced games?

The Nintendo DS and DS Lite have a slot to insert and play Gameboy Advance games. Because of its slimmer size, the Nintendo DSi does not have the Gameboy Advance slot.Source:Nintendo: DS info page

The History of the Nintendo Gameboy?

The Nintendo Game Boy was a portable gaming device. The original Game Boy was released in North America on July 31, 1989. As technology advanced during the 1990s, more advanced models of the Game B... Read More »

What is Nintendo Gameboy?

The Gameboy is a handheld video game console that Nintendo Entertainment manufactured and released. Despite being in competition with many superior handheld systems during its time, the Nintendo Ga... Read More »