Does a Minor Misdemeanor Affect Immigration Status?

Answer The conviction of a crime can have serious consequences for anyone planning to file an immigration petition or anyone currently living in the United States as a temporary or permanent resident.

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What Does Out of Status Mean in Immigration?

"Out of status" in immigration refers to the designation given to a visitor, typically a visa bearer, who violates the terms and conditions outlined by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Cus... Read More »

How does a misdemeanor in another state affect expungement in New Jersey?

Expungement of your criminal record in New Jersey is possible depending upon the nature of your offense and subsequent conduct. If you are convicted of other crimes, including misdemeanors in other... Read More »

Does having a non-moving violation misdemeanor affect your car insurance rates?

Answer Usually garage keepers liability will cover the vehicle, but if not the other insurance company is still on the hook for at least the cost of the repair

How does alcohol affect your health status?

Most of them should be taken after food. But a few like Roxythromycin and Azithromycin have to be taken on an empty stomach as food interferes with their absorption.