Does a Lime Tree Need to Be Pollinated?

Answer The majority of citrus trees, including lime trees, possess perfect flowers that consist of male and female parts on the same flower. Consequently, they are considered self-fruitful. Some varieties... Read More »

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How Is a Lemon Tree Different From a Lime Tree?

Lemon and lime trees are both cold-tender citrus trees grown in home and commercial orchards. Both have mostly tart varieties with some sweet ones available. Lemon and lime are often combined as a ... Read More »

Does a Lemon Tree Need to Be Pollinated From Another Lemon Tree?

Lemon trees are tropical plants that require warm climate conditions, well-drained soils and full sun. Citrus plants mostly are self-pollinating, but some hybrids require the presences of another t... Read More »

How to Hide in a Lime Tree?

The lime tree is a flowering, evergreen tree, the fruit of which is prized by chefs and is a common flavoring in Mexican dishes and beverages. Depending upon species, a lime tree can grow to 20 fee... Read More »

How do i transplant a lime tree?

Dig out the lime tree. Untangle the roots, cutting any that do not untangle. Soak roots with water. Rake debris from a transplant area in full sun. Dig a hole the same height and 1 inch wider than ... Read More »