Does a Lenovo X200 work with an X40 docking station?

Answer The Lenovo X40 UltraBase docking station does not work with the Lenovo X200 personal computer. The X40 docking station only works with the IBM Thinkpad X40 series of personal computers, which inclu... Read More »

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How to Get Into BIOS on Lenovo X200?

The Basic Input/Output System, or BIOS, is the low-level software system that interfaces between the motherboard and the system boot drives on your computer. You can access BIOS to change the boot ... Read More »

Will a Zune work in any docking station?

The Microsoft Zune portable MP3 player has a 24-pin connector, making it incompatible with any docking stations made for the 30-pin Apple iPod. However, there are a number of third-party docking st... Read More »

What Dell Laptops Work With a Docking Station?

A docking station allows a laptop to be used like a desktop computer when it is on your desk. Docking stations are sometimes called port replicators because they expand the number of ports availabl... Read More »

Will the HP Quick Dock docking station work with an HP Pavilion DV5?

The HP Quick Dock docking station works with the HP Pavilion DV2000, DV6000, DV9000 series computers but not the DV5-1000 Entertainment PC. A DV5 user with an expansion base adapter will have limi... Read More »