Does a LCD screen have a magnet?

Answer Not necessarily.

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Pls Help! My nephew rubbed a magnet on the screen of my monitor and the screen color looks like a rainbow?

Your monitor may have a degauss function built into it. It's usually accessed through an on screen configuration menu you can bring up by pressing a button or dial on the front of the monitor. Yo... Read More »

Magnet on my tv screen?

It all depends on the strength of the magnet applied to the screen as to whether it can be recovered or not. If they have used a very strong magnet then it could have distorted the screen mask, bu... Read More »

Magnet on Computer screen HELP!!?

Magnet on computer screen?

It is possible to do so without harming an LCD monitor (NOT a CRT), but let me inject a little "electronics knowledge". Any time electricity flows through a conductor, you get an effect called "mag... Read More »