Does a LCD screen have a magnet?

Answer Not necessarily.

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My niece rubbed a magnet across my computer monitor now i have red and blue spots on my screen how can i fixit?

Usually your monitor should return to normal in a few days. If you monitor has a 'degauss' feature (either via button or when you turn your monitor off and on), it should help as well.

Pls Help! My nephew rubbed a magnet on the screen of my monitor and the screen color looks like a rainbow?

Your monitor may have a degauss function built into it. It's usually accessed through an on screen configuration menu you can bring up by pressing a button or dial on the front of the monitor. Yo... Read More »

When adding more paper to a magnet on refrigerator why does it cause the magnet to fall off?

The magnet is losing its magnetic connection to the fridge.

How does the magnet work in a fridge magnet?

Fridge MagnetIt works by it applying pressure to the fridge through a process of electro magnetic currents to hold it secure This can only be achived by it containing a mixture of iron and copper t... Read More »