Does a K&N air filter improve gas mileage, horsepower or performance?

Answer K&N air filters do improve gas mileage. The filters also increase horsepower by 2 to 4 percent and improve overall performance. K&N filters allow more air to enter the engine, which increases the e... Read More »

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Does hho gas improve mileage?

On One Hand: It Shouldn't WorkYou cannot get more energy from something than you put into it. It takes more electricity to split the water molecule than is contained by the resultant HHO gas. Essen... Read More »

Does ethanol improve gas mileage?

On One Hand: E10 and Fuel EconomyE10, or "gasohol," is a fuel blend of 10 percent ethanol and 90 percent gasoline (most car models built since 1998 are equipped to handle gasohol). Ethanol is used ... Read More »

Does a quality exhaust system improve horsepower?

On One Hand: Exhaust Flow Equals PowerEngines burn fuel on the presence of oxygen to make power; the more fuel the engine can burn, the more power it will make. After burning, the air/fuel mixture ... Read More »

Does cold air intake improve mileage?

Cold air intakes can improve gas mileage. These units keep help keep the car's air to fuel ratio from varying widely. A more constant air to fuel ratio will save fuel and be more predictable.Source... Read More »