Does a Florida police officer need permission to tape record me?

Answer On One Hand: Florida Officers Broad Recording PowersPolice in Florida do possess a wide variety of powers when it comes to tape recording individuals, thanks to federal laws such as the USA PATRIOT... Read More »

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Does a police officer need permission to tape record me?

While state laws vary, according to the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, federal law enforcement officials may eavesdrop and record telephone conversations after showing probable cause and obtaining a... Read More »

What does a person need to do to become a police officer?

On One Hand: Meet Basic RequirementsRequirements vary according to individual department regulations, but most police applicants must be a United States citizen, possess a high school diploma and b... Read More »

What Qualifications Does a Community Police Officer Need?

When people hear the term "community police officer," they think of an officer who works, and possibly lives, in a neighborhood. They know that this person is a policeman. Like other law enforcemen... Read More »

What kind of education does a police officer need?

Each state has its own requirements for the education of police officers. However, there is some consistency, since most states base their requirements on civil service regulations.Basic Requireme... Read More »