Does a Dell computer need a specific antivirus software?

Answer Dell computers do not require a specific brand of anti-virus software. Whether you have a Dell computer, or any other brand, the only requirements are that you choose anti-virus software that is co... Read More »

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Does a Mac need antivirus& Internet security software?

A Mac does need anti-virus and Internet security software. Although the vast majority of viruses are written for Windows-based systems, Mac OS X has vulnerabilities as well. If the market share of ... Read More »

Where does Norton antivirus software reside in a computer?

Norton antivirus software resides on a computer's hard drive, also known as the C drive. To delete programs, such as Norton, from the hard drive, use the Control Panel's Add/Delete function or manu... Read More »

How do I add new antivirus software to a computer?

Go to the antivirus maker’s website, and purchase and download the antivirus software. After downloading, click on the file you saved to install it. During the installation, enter the product key... Read More »

I need an antivirus software?

You Could Always Download Avast Free Anti Virus because once you download it and Register you get a Free Year to use it :)