Does a Defective Speed Sensor Affect a Transmission?

Answer A typical vehicle has nine sensors, including the speed sensor, that communicate with the powertrain control module. This control center is how the engine understands what is occurring within the b... Read More »

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What is a transmission speed sensor?

A transmission speed sensor provides information that a car needs to determine shift strategy, such as when a cruise control system is active and the system is trying to maintain a constant speed.S... Read More »

How to Buy a Speed Sensor for a Maxima Transmission?

When the speed sensor in your Nissan Maxima's transmission breaks, a new one is needed before you can drive it again. There are many places where you can pick one up. If you want to save money, buy... Read More »

How to Replace the Transmission Speed Sensor?

The speed sensor on a vehicle is the component that monitors the speed of the transmission gears. The sensor relays the information to tell the driver how fast the vehicle is moving. If you notice ... Read More »

How to Install a Speed Sensor on an AW4 Transmission?

The AW4 transmission is designed and manufactured for Jeep brand vehicles. The AW4 is an automatic four-speed transmission commonly installed in Comanche, Cherokee and Grand Cherokee vehicles. The ... Read More »