Does a Comcast cable box need to be connected to the Internet?

Answer A Comcast cable box does not need to be connected to the Internet for you to receive Comcast cable service. Most homes have separate outlets for the cable and Internet, allowing you to choose conne... Read More »

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New Comcast cable internet installation, do I need "Professional Installation"?

Cable installation consists of:A service technician will:Stringing cable from the pole to the houseDrilling a hole in the wall to feed the cable throughConnect the modem Connect one computer to the... Read More »

Why Does Local Area Connection Cable Unplugged Come Up While I'm Still Connected to the Internet?

If your computer has both a wireless network adapter and an Ethernet port, Windows configures two separate connections. In Windows versions older than Windows 7, a separate icon for each connection... Read More »

Does Verizon and Time Warner Cable Wifi Internet Routers keep track of which devices are connected?

Yes, all routers do. It's part of the router being a router. You don't go online; you log on to the router and check the device list.

Do I always need a cable box for digital Comcast cable?

Since Congress approved the end of analog broadcasts, cable services such as Comcast only provide digital cable, which usually requires at least one digital conversion box in the household. Some o... Read More »