Does a Clear Coat Protect Paint From Fading?

Answer Clear coat is a transparent layer that protects paint from fading from the elements. It also helps protect the finish from more direct physical damage. Clear coat is used on cars, boats, and other ... Read More »

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How Does Clear Coat Protect a Car's Finish?

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How to Remove Paint From Clear Coat?

Paint that accidentally gets onto the clear coat of your vehicle should be removed as quickly as possible. Flecks of paint can ruin an otherwise good paint job. Fortunately, a product called detail... Read More »

How to Keep a Clear Coat of Paint From Peeling Off a Car?

A clear coat is a clear resin that is painted over the colored resin layer on a vehicle's paint. Clear coat is intended to protect the colored paint from damage from objects, moisture and sunlight.... Read More »

How to Remove Water Spots from Clear Coat Paint?

Your car has a thin, clear protective coat over the paint to help prevent rust and other damage. However, after you wash your car or even during a rain storm, water may find a way to work underneat... Read More »