Does a Bonsai plant need holes in the pot?

Answer It's not a good idea to use a pot with no holes in it for bonsai. It's easier to drown the plant (or almost any potted plant with no holes in the pot) if it can't drain. The pots for bonsai are tra... Read More »

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Where can I get a bonsai spider plant and a bonsai Boston fern?

Well,I found a photo on line of a Spider Plant that has been bonsai-ed,but really it is very uncommon to use Bonsai techniques on spiderplants,succulents,palms,or ferns....Also you may not be aware... Read More »

How do I plant a bonsai?

PotSelect a container for your bonsai tree. Bonsai pots typically are shallow. They need to be deep enough to cover the roots. Pots a few inches deep usually are sufficient. Use a pot with good dra... Read More »

How do I water a bonsai plant?

SubmergeSubmerge the lower portion of your bonsai plant in a sink or tub full of water. Cover the pot and the soil completely with water. Use room temperature water. Allow the plant to sit in and s... Read More »

How to Bonsai a Jade Plant?

The jade plant, native to South Africa, is rapidly becoming popular as a favored bonsai. It is easy to grow, and can be kept indoors or outdoors. The root system of the jade plant lends itself to s... Read More »