Does a Basil Plant Withstand the Winter?

Answer Basil is a tender perennial plant that is unable to withstand the cold temperatures in many climates. Basil is grown as an annual in most areas, however with proper care and under the right conditi... Read More »

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Can a basil plant withstand the winter?

Basil plants are annual herbs that complete their life cycle in one growing season. This means that basil plants do not survive the winter. The cooler temperatures of fall cause the basil plant to ... Read More »

What plant herbs and flowers will withstand hot sunny conditions in window boxes?

There are dozens of plants that will do well in hot sunny window boxes. Two of my favourites are Rosemary and Nasturtium. Rosemary is one of the most fragrant of the culinary herbs and comes in bot... Read More »

How do you plant basil?

Buy some seeds and put them into a pot with soil. Keep it humid. The plants will start growing after about 10 days. When you want to plant small basil-plants, take care, that they do get enough sun... Read More »

How much sun does a basil plant need?

Basil plants need at least six to eight hours of full sun or bright light each day. Keep potted basil plants on a sunny windowsill or in a bright green house, or plant outside in full sun.Source:Un... Read More »