Does a Apple iPod Touch 8GB have a built in camera?

Answer Yes, the new 4th generation iPod's do.

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Does the Apple iPod touch have a camera?

The third generation Apple iPod touch does not have a camera. Neither do the first or second generations of the iPod touch. This is one of the few features not available on the iPod touch.Source:Ap... Read More »

Does the 4th generation ipod touch have wifi built it?

Does apple ipod touch 4g will be available after releasing of ipod touch 5g ?

The iPod Touch 5G is not a certainty yet. We do know, however, that Apple are holding a live announcement of the iPhone 5 on September 12th. It is also widely accumulated that they are going to ann... Read More »

Does IOS 6, for apple devices, include a messaging app I know ios 5 does!!!!! I have an IPod touch 4th gen.?

I'm not sure if I understand your question correctly but iOS 6 will have iMessage, see link below…However, if your not asking specifically for iMessage and... Read More »