Does a 409 chevy engine need hardened valve seats?

Answer If you spend a lot of time above 3,000 rpm, make regular trips to the redline and run on unleaded gas, you should use hardened valve seats on your Chevy 409 engine. Otherwise, the valves will stick... Read More »

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When did Chevrolet start using hardened valve seats?

Chevrolet started experimenting with hardened valve seats in 1971 when compression ratios went down as automakers prepared for lead-free gas. They began using them fairly regularly in 1973. In 1974... Read More »

Do Chevy 409 engines need special valve seats?

The 409's valve seats can corrode when used with unleaded gas, especially in the presence of high compression or a supercharger. If you're going to boost horsepower or rev the engine past 3,000 RPM... Read More »

How to Adjust a Valve Lash on a Chevy 350 CID Engine?

Most production Chevrolet 350ci engines are equipped with hydraulic tappet (lifter) camshafts that do not need adjustment except in the case of a significant disassembly or reassembly. In this case... Read More »

How to Adjust the Valve Lash on a Chevy 350 Marine Engine?

Ordinarily, valve-lash adjustment on the 350 Chevrolet engine with hydraulic lifters---whether in a marine or automotive application---is not required. However, if there has been need for repair or... Read More »