Does a 401k/403b or traditional ira work better?

Answer On One Hand: Traditional IRAsTraditional IRAs allow you to more control over your investments. The only investments prohibited by the Internal Revenue Service are collectible items. With a 401k or ... Read More »

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Is it better to have a roth or a traditional ira?

On One Hand: Traditional IRA BenefitsIf you expect to be in a lower tax bracket after you retire, the tax benefit of being able to deduct your contributions to your traditional IRA now outweighs th... Read More »

How to Use Traditional Herbal Treatments for Better Hair Growth?

While many of the herbs traditionally used to aid hair growth still await testing at major medical universities, they have enjoyed centuries of fame as key beauty ingredients. From folk remedies to... Read More »

Does lip fusion or lip venom work better?

On One Hand: Lip Fusion Is an Award WinnerLip Fusion won the best lip treatment award for two straight years from a vote of 4,000 beauty industry members of the CEW (Cosmetic Executive Women). Lip ... Read More »

Does rogaine foam work better?

On One Hand: It Is the BestRogaine is the best treatment for hair loss and has been since 2007, according to Use of Rogaine gets more results than Nizoral Shampoo and Procepia, th... Read More »